Project title:

Nomination of the Central European part of the Roman Danube Limes within the international UNESCO World Heritage Framework „Frontiers of the Roman Empire”

Project acronym:

Danube LimesUNESCO World Heritage

Project number:

1CE 079 P4

Project duration:

October 2008 – December 2011


Total budget: 1.954.000 EUR
From this ERDF: 1.596.933,92 EUR



Main objectives

a) to create a general scientific concept to define/protect the river Limes as a UNESCO WHS
b) to prepare the nomination of the Limes in HU and SK, within that
b1) to identify/select the relevant sites in HU/SK
b2) to complete research of the sites
b3) develop a so-called management plan to define how to deal with future WHS
c) to prepare selected sites for public access and improved awareness
d) to demonstrate best practice
d1) in AT by preparing the nomination documents for a specific section of the Danube Limes
d2) in DE by providing their WHS expertise and up-dating the present WHS management plan
d3) Selected best practice measures on sites in HU, SK, AT and DE.


Work Packages

WP1: Management and Coordination

Main objectives of WP Sound Project Management and Coordination
Responsible Partner LP: KÖH – National Office of Cultural Heritage
Summary description The project will be managed by KÖH with the support of IÖG. The project management in KÖH is supported by IÖG in the field of project administration (by a contracted project management consultant

WP2: Communication, knowledge management, dissemination

Main objectives of WP Ensure wide project promotion of outputs and results
Responsible Partner PP3: IÖG – Research Institute of Austrian History
Summary description The implementation of the project needs a close, systematic and continuous co-operation with scientists, stakeholders and the public which must not be separated from WP 3 and WP4 . That is the reason, why the focus in WP 2 is on providing the infrastructure to implement a sufficient communication infrastructure (strategy and planning, media list, address lists, concept for public events)

WP3: WHS-features of selected Limes sites/sections

Main objectives of WP Preparation of the content of the WHS nomination on selected Limes sections/- sites
Responsible Partner LP: KÖH – National Office of Cultural Heritage
Summary description Identification of the available Limes data. Selection of a sample of sections/sites to focus on. The prospective WHS has to be identified, described and mapped, a management plan has to be developed according to the UNESCO requirements. (In DE, up-date of the already existing management plan). Creation and demonstration of concepts to implement selected features of the management plan

WP4: Completion and final nomination documents

Main objectives of WP Implementation of pilot project to present selected Limes sites. Completion, improvement and finalisation of the nomination documents and creation of general guidelines to nominate other sections
Responsible Partner LP: KÖH – National Office of Cultural Heritage
Summary description While embedding the interim results step by step into the project environment, the nomination preparation continues by adding the remaining HU and SK Limes sites. Selected Limes sites will be improved to demonstrate best practice in accessibility and visibility. the SK and HU Nomination documents and guidelines for future Limes nominations will be finalised and published.